“Elli Hart’s soulful voice is almost rivalled by her presence on stage. Ever-energetic and clearly not afraid to shred some solos on her guitar.”  - Tyson Elder, 

If Fleetwood Mac and Bonnie Raitt decided to make music together, you’d end up with Elli Hart. Whether playing solo or with her backing band, Dirty Mountain, Hart is one of those timeless artists that mesmerizes while she delivers gut-wrenching waves of self-realization and deliverance you won’t soon forget. 

“Hart puts everything on the table with her incredibly delicate and personal lyrics.”  - Katt Keuleman, 

Hailing from the west coast of Canada, Hart’s exceptional guitar playing and soulful voice has garnered her attention across the globe.  Coupled with her charismatic and personable stage presence, Hart gets the audience laughing along between her well crafted and unique songs; her heartfelt banter creates an authentic and instant connection with everyone in the room. 

Elli Hart released her debut album Dirty Mountain, 01 in the spring of 2016 and has spent the last two years touring and playing the Western Canadian festival circuit both solo, and with her band, Dirty Mountain.  Some of these festivals include internationally acclaimed Vancouver Island Music Fest, Sunfest Country Music Festival, and Tall Tree Music Festival.  Elli Hart and the Dirty Mountain also had the opportunity to open for Canadian indie rock group, Arkells on Canada Day to an audience of 50 thousand people all clad in red and white. 

In the fall of 2017, Hart converted a ’96 Chevy Astro into a camper van and spent three months driving through the USA with a month spent in Nashville, Tennessee. This adventure series was called North to Nashville was made with the intent  of writing two new albums: one solo/acoustic album, and one Dirty Mountain album with Canadian Producer Dave Genn (Hedley, Mariannas Trench).  Both are set to be released in 2018. 

2018 is shaping up to be Hart’s busiest year yet, with extensive touring planned for the United States, Europe, and Canada.