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What Nashville Did For Me

Did you know that 100 people move to Nashville a day? One hundred hopeful musicians, songwriters, singers, guitar players, and music industry hopefuls flood into the small city of Nashville to chase their hopes and dreams.  Let me tell you, the idea of moving to Nashville was definitely at the forefront of my mind when I planned my trip south.  The thought of going for a short trip and never leaving was very alluring.  I wanted to feel like I was coming home.  I wanted to feel like Nashville had all the…

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Making Music in Music City!

I made it! I've actually been here for a week and a half at this point and it seems I have been completely swept up into the hustle and bustle of this music filled city. 

The first thing I noticed was that when you drive through the city with your windows down and your radio off, your vehicle is instantly filled with the soundtrack of the city.  Honkey Tonks are littered everywhere and the sound of live music bleeds onto the streets and inevitably ends up keeping you company as you drive through town. 

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Me and the Grand Canyon!

Well, I left the California coast two nights ago? Three? No, two.  When you're driving all day long across the desert, it's easy to get lost in time.  I almost skipped past the Grand Canyon in my eagerness to get to Nashville and boy, am I glad I didn't.  I could have stayed there for days. 

As soon as you get past the "Disneyland" madness of trying to find parking (you actually feel like a cowboy in a stand off, ready to draw and lay your claim), and make your way through the throngs of retired…

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